Y4K inĀ India


On our last visit, we visited a number of believers in the state of Orissa. Besides hearing the many testimonies of how Christians were attacked and tortured by Hindu extremists, we were shocked to find out that there were only a few Bibles left amongst the people of Orissa. This led us to start a Bible Project in order to bring the Word of God to Orissa. For $3, a Bible can be purchased and delivered to a believer in the Oriya language.
Transportation is one of the biggest hindrances in spreading the Gospel to the over 600,000 unreached villages in India. A bicycle, which can be purchased for $60, provides a cheap, efficient means of transportation with little maintenance costs.


Hinduism (80.5%)

Islam (13.4%)

Christianity (2.3%)

Sikhism (1.9%)

Buddhism (0.8%)

Jainism (0.5%)

Other (0.6%)