Y4K in Guinea Bissau

We are involved in a number of different kinds of work in this country; construction, teaching, training, and evangelism. We completed construction on a village church and have begun construction on a 2nd building which will seat over 150 people. Construction is under way on the Bible School and the project is expected to be finished by the end of 2011. The building for the radio station is complete and we are now putting together the equipment so we can start broadcasting. Then we will start handing out free radios to the locals to tune into the Christian programs. Each radio has the opportunity to reach the unreached in a language that they can understand. It can provide evangelistic teaching as well as consistent training in Christian living to people who cannot afford a radio and minister where there is no electricity or battery power available. For a donation of $45 a fixed channel radio will be purchased and delivered to a family in need of hope that will receive it from Jesus. This radio and batteries also comes with a solar panel and is built to last up to 15 years. We are also involved in training pastors, missionaries, evangelists and teachers through the Mobile Bible School (MBS). It is a six week program completed in a one-year cycle.





Islam, which is currently practiced by 50% of the country's population

Guinea-Bissau's Muslims have Sunni denomination

10% of the country's population belong to the Christian community

40% continue to hold Indigenous beliefs