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The MegaVoice player is a slim, hand held unit about the size of a thin cell phone. It is capable of storing and replaying up to 160 hours of spoken word. This simple unit functions as an electronic tract that is water resistant and very durable. It has no internal moving parts, and runs on a small battery. Its compact size and affordability make the Megavoice a very powerful tool for our ministry.
MegaVoice produces a line of reliable, hand-held, solid-state audio players which our organization can use to get the Gospel to people in a secure and reliable manner. They are ideal for delivering the Bible to non-readers and those without modern communications services or electricity. Our organization utilizes these audio players to bring God’s message of hope and love to non-reading people all over the world. From evangelism to pastoral training these solid-state MegaVoice audio players can be programmed in any language. Record a short message, a Gospel, the New Testament or even the whole Bible.
Messages encoded in MegaVoice players are secure and cannot be erased or recorded over by end users. They are a ‘fixed-message.’ Even in the most harsh and remote parts of the world these solid-state MegaVoice players deliver their secure messages over and over again.
$45 purchases and delivers an audio player with the New Testament. The audio player has an external speaker for the family or group to listen together. It comes with earphones and plug. It has a solar panel for recharging the batteries. The player and batteries are built to last up to 15 years.


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